Monday 7 September 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign -Start of the Second Competition - 'Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat'

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      Dear Fantasyans

Our second competition starts right now. As you probably know, your task is to draft a warrior of a race we will give you a Background to.

 Bacground of Race:


   Are strange forest creatures. They used to live in the Grokthar empire. They maintained bizzare relationship with them. It would probably be called symbiosis. There was a strange spring in the middle of the Kthuss forest. This forest was located in the interior of the continent. The stream had a very adverse impact on its surroundings. It transformed ambient plants and animals into very strange and difficult-to-use forms. For higher beings, such as people and other races, it was fatal.

   The steam was very weak, it was no more than a small trickle. It was welling up very slowly and when it appeared two hundred years, it began to transform the forest in its area. Animals and plants mutated and became nasty, wild and unmanageable. Converted animals came out from the forest and attacked cattle and humans. On the other way it turned out that this water was very beneficial for someone.

   They were Khabrags - the very special race of forest creatures. Their skin looked a bit like a little cracked bark but otherwise they did not look like trees. They were similar to people, they were also about as tall as people were but their internal anatomy was very different. They had a little bit longer and thicker limbs. These creatures were wandering the Illada searching for the "black water" as they used to call it. They were able to live without it was rather outliving.

   While the ‘dark water’ was deadly and toxic for all other beings, it imparted great strength and ability to branch out much faster than without it. Just one sip of this liquid transformed each Khabrag from the crawling debilitated being into mighty form of life. They became full of energy with many special abilities. This effect lasted for many months.

   Khabrags concluded an agreement with Grokthars. They were allowed to settle in the middle of the Grokhtar empire, I the Kthuss forest by the source of the dark water. In return the had to gather the water into tanks to stop the spreading of destruction.

   Ghrokthars had tried to remedy the impact of it before but even vapors of the water had turned out to be very fatal many miles around the spring because the land was waterlogged. 

Khabrags were the one and only creatures who were able to work well with the dark water even without their doom. They even got along with this dark liquid. They were able to control metamorphosed animals. The only problem was that Khabrags after ingestion of dark water (among other things) were expanded rapidly and there was no water for everyone soon enough. Some of them therefore had to move and look for another such spring in Illada.

If Khabrags had sufficienty of dark water, they were fearsome warriors.  Their race was not exactly welcoming. Their substance was wild aggression. They created their own weapons and armor and they used the dark water as a chemical weapon in battles very rarely. There was always a great lack of water. Their cavalry used a mutated animals.

Now it's up to you

Deadline -  September 10th, 8:30 PM

We are very curious if there are any daredevils among you who accept this challenge.

Go for it… :)

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