Sunday 15 March 2015

32mm Figure Concept Art - Grokthar Standard Bearer

   Grokthars are old enemies of Syrgonian elves who call Grokthars contemptuously "the halfmen" and hate and despise them more than they hate and despise humans.

   Grokthars ethnic group are living in the country, which they named after the name of their race - Grokthar.

   They are anthropomorphic beings. Their bodies are almost the same size as human bodies are but their faces have animal traits – not only snub nose resembling an animal snout, but even sharp teeth and high forehead with a slightly protruding zygomatic arches are brute. They look like a man with feline features. Their ears are small and pointy. Their nails seem like claws but they aren’t. Grokthars – especially warriors – let them grow longer to use them as a weapon if they have nothing else.  

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