Amazing Kickstarter and Indiegogo Projects

Live Project - Kickstarter


Live Project - Indiegogo


Finished campaigns - Kickstarter

Conan: Rise of Monsters (CRoM) by Pulposaurus Entertainment Funded
Bane Beasts Mighty Monsters 2 by Mierce Miniatures            Funded
TGG2: Light and Darkness                                                           Funded
The Edge by Awaken Realms                                                       Funded
Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games                                         Funded
Blood Rage by Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot           Funded
GOA - Guards of Atlantis by Wolff Designa    Campaign canceled, relaunch coming soon
Bane Beasts Mighty Monsters by Mierce Miniatures               Funded
CONAN by Monolith Board Games LLC                                   Funded

Finished campaigns - Indiegogo

Horde Invasion by Taras Skorobruh                                            Funded
Ultimate Anatomy Kit For Miniatures by Michael Contraros  Funded
Brik A Brak - The Gob'z'heroes                                                   Funded
St. George by Michael Kontraros Collectibles                           Funded

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