Thursday 19 March 2015

Preparing of Great Unveiling - "Rochs the Great" Vignette and "Battle of Rinian" Diorama

   Today we bring you  further information about the first published  photographs for our May Kickstarter Campaign.

      TOP SECRET - Great Unveiling of "Rochs the Great" Vignette

   First of all we will bring you so far completely clssified vignette at the beginning of May. It shows a scene showing one episode after the Elven Fortress Nier was captured. It preceded the battle of Rinian (more information we will bring you soon - keep watching the articles - Battle of Rinian on our blog).

    Strict confidentiality extends even to the silhouette vignette. We can only tell you that the vignette will contain a large base and two (?) figures, and there will be available one more figure for complementing this vignette in one of other Stretch goals. For those who purchase this vignette as an Add-on this additional figure will be for free

      Great Unveiling of "Battle of Rinian" Diorama

   You can look forward to unveiling solitary diorama of the Battle of Rinian in June. You know some silhouette parts of the diorama for now. Well, whole diorama still remains a mystery in its overall appearance. Though there are still few more weeks to go, the big reveal is coming ...

Stay tuned

     Daniela and Arkhareon Team

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