Friday 21 August 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo or Come to Support us on Indiegogo

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

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 Do you prefer Kickstarter and do you have any reservations Indiegogo? So, this post ist just for you. We have prepared some steps to mitigate the differences between these two platforms to bring to the Kickstarter fans the maximum comfort and security when participating in our campaign at IGG.

   I must warn you frankly - do not expect miracles. We cannot change IGG for KS by waving magical wand (well, we don’t have any). Despite this we tried to bring our IGG campaign for those who prefer KS. Even for those who are against Indiegogo and refuse to use it. We hope we will convince you you can follow us on Indiegogo at least once though you don’t want to use it normally. If you are one of those who don’t mind using Indiegogo or/and you are already its customer keep reading, too. Maybe you can find interesting information here it will make your part of our campaign more easy.

The most important difference between Kickstarter and Indiegogoo is that while KS captivate pledgers’ money AFTER the campaign is successful, the IGG "contributors"  pay their money at once. We can do, unfurtunately, nothing with that. We are not able to change the nature of this platform. Well, we will anticipate at some other aspects in what these two crowdfunding platforms vary and what can do the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform less popular with some supporters.


  Funding goal must be withdrawn on KS otherwise the campaign is unsuccessful. IGG offers flexible financing option - the project will receive the money even if it does not reach the funding goal. It comes too risky for many supporters because they are afraid the project would not be completed due to lack of funding.


   Very simple. IGG has already offer alternative called Fixed Funding. It is identical with the essence of Kickstarter. If any campaign does not collect a target amount, all the money is returned to contributors. Project is successful only after reaching the funding goal. Well, of course we choose this type of financing. That means every contributor (Pledger) will be sure that our financial target is met. If not, she/he will get back with all her/his inserted resources.


   Already chosen Reward can be changed anytime on Kickstarter. For example: You choose $20 reward but then you change your mind and you just pick out different $80 reward. It is impossible on the IGG - after you pay it is impossible to change it. You just can buy another new Perk (reward).


   It’s again simple. On the IGG it is possible - contrary to Kickstarter – to choose and purchase any number of perks in a single campaign. We have added a so-called $1 Perk (Reward) to our campaign. If any supporter just will want only any add-on without any perk (reward), she/he just choose this Add-on Perk and place a dollar pay - per selected add-on (there is no limit for payments for perks), so you can contribute any amount above a certain threshold - in this case $1. So if your chosen add-on costs $ 40, you select this $1 add-on Perk and in box of the amount you enter $40. In the note you then type the name of the add-on, which you are interested in.
It will be possible to upgrade Perks (rewards) in the same way. For example: you select Perk Leader (Kworg rider alone) but you change your mind later on for the Perk Vignette Bundle (full vignette with two riders and two bonus figures). You just choose the Add-on perk and pay extra difference in price. That’s all.
Details of both options and detailed examples how to apply these  procedures will be published in the article "How to Contribute on Indiegogo"


   It is possible to reduce or even call off the promise on Kicksarter. Indiegogo doesn’t support anything like this ..


   This is a great issue and we admit that we have not found a satisfactory solution. Partial solutions we can offer you, if you ask us to cancel the promise of a refund, we'll do it. We must point out that it is very complicated and challenging and we ask you to take this step only in very serious and necessary situations. Refunds will not be reflected on IGG campaign (the IGG system does not allow it), and therefore we can have serious worries with the financing itself. Therefore we appeal to your responsibility. Think twice to be sure you want to support our campaign and contribute to our project only (!) when you are really sure you want to support us.

An addition to the IGG payments:

Fixed campaign takes the form of payments through PayPal. Remember you do not need to own a PayPal account to participate in our campaign. You can pay as a guest and use your credit card. More information in the article How To Contribute on Indiegogo (September 4).

   These were the three most important issues we have seen in various internet forums when discussing the differences between these platforms (IGG vs KS). If you think you see another not mentioned issue, please feel free to let us know in the comments or on our e-mail. We will try to find a solution to them.

   There is no doubt we believe you will support us on the IGG. Remember there are many ‘Indiegogo only’ freebies in our campaign. They  won’t available later. These Exclusive freebies won’t be available in retail and you can get them only in our campaign starting on September 14th. We hope you take part in.

   Stay with us

       Daniela and A-team

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