Thursday 20 August 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 12 (Battle Background Article # 15 )

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         The Attack

   The army very, very quietly went to the city walls. At first, the ancillary units of the subjected peoples went to attack. Each country under the rule of the Dark Kworgs, had to pay the tax (payed by money and people too). These people were used as the professional warriors. At the time of the war all these countries had to form, pay and to take care for a few war contingents. These units were used in the first line.

   When the warriors with their ladders and their battering ram get fifty fathoms to the walls, they were invited by the cloud of the arrows. Many men fell down to the ground. They were badly hurt or dead. Another cloud of burning arrows was shining brightly in the sky. The wall galleries were full of the Kworgian defenders waiting for the attack.

   Graetsnal was very angry, because his plans did not come true. The fortress was layed in the one and only passage in the rocky massif of the Argerrian mountains. There was no another way how to get to the High Kworgs empire. If he will not conquer the fortress or it will take a long time to get it under his rule, the Dusk army will come sooner than he and his warriors will get to Argerra. The Argerrians could be satisfied with stopping his army or they will chase the Kworgs. It was very important to conquer this fortress, to destroy it completly, to kill everybody inside it and to plunder the border villages.

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