Monday 31 August 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Start of the Competition - "In the Storm of Fratricidal War"

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

   Dear Fantasyans

   This is officially launch of our first competition.

   Task: Think of a name for the weapon held in the right hand by the magic lantern bearer (the photo below).

Historical Background of Weapon

   This double-blade ancient weapon is used by kworgs for a very long time - since the first Illada wars – the Shadow Wars. It represents the two flames of fire built against each other (two blades) and initially, at the time of its inception. It has been a weapon of fiery Kworg guard. In the following millennia it have become a prolific weapon. 

   It was quite difficult to control it (especially because of the ancient Kworgs primarily worn decorative jewelery (crests) on the backs. They were called ‘Back-gems’ or ‘Back-crests’. These gems were quite light but usually large and complained efficient handling of the weapons.

   Despite of this the Kworgs acquired great skill and control of this two-sided sword and become true masters. Later, however, their arsenal, including this weapon, has disappeared as Kworgs slowly took over customs and style of life of the humans.

   During the Great War for the black rose their armor and weapons still carried elements of beauty and magnificence of the former Kworg noble-minded race but it was just a dim reflection of the great glory and splendor of past years. The split in their own ranks and their civil war have pushed Kworgs onto more pragmatic way and so this once famous war weapon have appeared only very rarely during the War for Kenakarra rose.

   So much for the historical background of this weapon. We are already looking forward to the names you create for this weapon. 

Extract from the rules

  • By the time the competition starts (August 31, 2015 08:30 PM CEST) will be publish a simple task. We can tell only you will have think out name of certain subject title that will be introduced. This name should be in any imaginary and non-existent fantasy language so you can form it absolutely free. You just should reflect the Illada fantastic world where our stories take place. You will also have to connect your new word with the race you believe uses the word. The jury will put the accent especially on imitativness and also whether the name fits the specified object and the breed chosen by author. 
  • The competition task remains the same throughout all the competition and do not change. 
  • Your answers (imagined name + fantasy race) must be send to our mail Do not forget to join your name or nickname under which you perform, for example, on your favorite forum or blog. If they are missing in the mail response (invented name + fantasy race) and / or your name / nick, your mail will be included in the selection jury evaluated answers. 
  • Your contacts will not be assigned to any third party and are just for needs of Arkhareon Miniatures. 
  • Each competitor may submit only one answer. The promoter / organizer of the competition reserves the priviledge to exclude any competitor who do not play fair or breaks the rules. 
  • There are five days to send your competition mail. The competition starts on 31st August 2015 08:30 PM CEST and the deadline is on 5th September 2015 at 08:30 PM CEST. After this date and time no competition mails will be included in the selection jury evaluated answers. 
  • After the deadline our three-member jury composed of Daniela Bartosova (Owner of Arkhareon Miniatures), Boris Kaderka - Borek (Sculptor, Illada world creator) and Martin Škořepa - Lopee (Painter, sculptor) will choose the best twenty-five sent names.
  • 25 selected winners will receive the vignette "In the storm of Fratricidal War".
  • Each winner will be informed about the winning and asked for her/his mailing address where the prize should be dispatched to. 

   And do not forget - 25 of you can win our vignette.

   Come on, the countdown has started, you have five (5) days from now.

   Good luck and many creative ability wishes you the incoming jury


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