Saturday 22 August 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Illada Map WIP Preview

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

Because Borek still tunes the competition vignette, we'll keep you even one more day in suspense. Today we bring as a compensation - WIP preview of Illada World Map.

The map will be free for download (in large format) from our website and in printed form will be included with the limited edition vignette in our campaign on the IGG

Much work lies ahead of us (finish the borders and empires, rivers... and then the number of graphic elements will be added (mountains, forests, cities, etc.)

For individual projects (such as the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terrat) will be developed  a detailed maps with drawings of campaigns and war actions.


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