Sunday 23 August 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Small complication

   I am very sorry, but I have bad news.

   Borek - our sculptor and author of vignette "In the storm of Frartricidal War" - is in the hospital just now - he is sufferring of kidneys stones and colics- nothing extremely serious, but very painful. Probably, he should stay in the hospital for two-three days. So, the vignette and other sculpting activities have to wait for a while. As I found out now, these problems are also the reason, why Borek was late with the vignette. He wanted to finish this vignette all costs, but he was not able to do it.

   We hope, he will be soon back and we shall overcome all these problems. We would like to continue according to our original plan (today, we will bring you the latest silhouette of newly added vignette), the most of our activities are prepared - so, we hope, we could be able to show you our vignette on Wednesday or during Thursday at the latest. We can not anticipate for thi​​s time. We would like to ask you for your patience and understanding.

   Thank you very much and please, stay with us.

     Show must go ON !

                      Daniela and A-Team


  1. That's bad news for Borek. Kidney stones is very painfull, my father struggles with this. So i wish him well and hope he will be healthy again soon.

  2. May his recovery be a full and speedy one.

    1. Thanks a lot. According to the latest report, his health condition is better and Borek will return to work soon :-).

  3. Wonderful news on his health and a return to work is a bonus