Friday 31 July 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Bharngstarm Stormtrooper - Next WIP

Hi Fantasyans :-)

   We bring you another WIPs today. It is a Bharnstaram Stormtrooper this time. You will see the finished figure when we reveal the whole vignette.

   We will show you another advance in our Kworg infantryman (WIPs here) in next WIP post.

   Well, we really work like fury. We are finishing all our figures. What has looked like a small vignette is growing into highly sophisticated epic diorama :-).

   Beside it we are working on the vignette that is going to be the prize for our contest (the second of five contest teasers coming soon).

   On 14 August there will begin an intensive pre-campaign. During it we will be on our blog every day. The original date has been moved to keep pace and intensity for tougher pre-campaign before the very start of the campaign on Indiegogo itself (September 14, 2015). Scheme of pre-campaign will be brought you soon. For now we just can say we will uncover finished (!) vignette and some bonus figures – except the secret one!

   Stay tuned

        Daniela and Arkhareon Team

Next Post   -  Monday, August 3
Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 10 
(Battle Background Article)

Next WIP Post -  Thursday, August 6
11:30 PM CEST

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