Monday 3 August 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 10 (Battle Background Article # 13 )

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The Beginning of the Campaign

   At the time when Limarrain, together with his army went to help Alberia, the army of the Dark Kworgs marched on Argerra. The warriors went through the uninhabited parts of the country during the night - not to be seen and known. This way, they could fully use the element of surprise in the attack on Argerra.

   Together with the Dark Kworgs army went a small group of the wyvern beast of the Bharngstarm led by Bharngstarm legions General. They should not took a part in the fight, but they should get secret informations from the sky – to see and control everything from their sky position. They were able to fly and it was their great advantage. They could give informations about the battlefield, to inform about their enemies positions and their changes and to report about the position and arrival of the Argerrian Kworgs Dusk army too.

   The Dark Kworgs used the Vallarnian wingless dragons for the heavy riders. They took care about this dragons since their birth until their adulthood. They were ment as the war dragons, so they had a very hard training. But they did not take a part in this campaign. They had to wait - together with the Dark legions of Bharngstarm - in the shadows of the Irrnon – Sol Terrat mountains.

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