Tuesday 28 July 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 9 (Battle Background Article # 12 )

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The Plan of the Dark Allies

   That night, the secret plan of the war was drawn up - as the powerful tool to the destruction of Argerra - the empire of the Kworgs. The Dark Kworgs army should go to Argerra from the north side, to conquer the fortress of Irmainan, one of the most important fortifications on the borders of the roll-entry into the empire of the High Kworgs. After that the army should get into the country, to to weed out the borderlands and to get to the capital city of Nalganthiarra.

   They should be particularly brutal to kill every living being and to destroy the fortress and the borderland villages too. The logical assumption was, that the Kworgian Dusk army sets out to meet the army of the Dark Kworgs to stop them. Then the Kworgs should seduce a short spectacular, but feigned battle and after that to leave the battlefield.

   At first Graetsnal did not like this idea at all. He did not want to loose a part of his army in this spectacular fight, but he had lots of soldiers from the countries he has conquered, so he was able to let them die to protect the core of his army, that was composed of his own nation men.

   The sacrificed warriors had to cover the retreat and the main army could go back to the Karthara. But not directly, but via a little detour to allow the Dark Kworgs to cross the border in the place of the rocky mountains Irrnon Soll Terrat. They should decoy the beings of Argerra there, to encircle them by the Kworgs and to attack them from behind by the Dark Legions of Bharngstarm.

   To get the Dusk army from Argerra and to make it to the persecution, the Dark Kworgs had to make a very cruel and brutal invasion. The Kworgs of Argerra with the great general Faertenien should be horrified by the Dark Kworgs invasion acts. The desire for revenge must be the only one factor and the driving force of the warriors of Argerra. Also the battle, that should took its place on the territory of Argerra yet, should look like a real event and lots of soldiers should be sacrified. So the commander of the Dusk army must be sure that it is the best time to persecute and to destroy the Dark Kworgs army.

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