Tuesday 5 May 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 1

Birth of the Black Rose from Kenakarra

   The world of Illada is over the abyss. The noble races are loosing their grandeur. Many smaller nations are dreaming the dark dream about power and wealth. The world is falling apart and many minor and more serious conflicts are plaguing its residents. But the worst events are coming yet. The time of the third Kenakarra Rose is coming.

   Let us go back to the time, when the conflict between the races of Illada is beginning. The Liayates were very disappointed and they started to leave Illada. In that time , none of them took care about the rare magic flowers of creation - the flowers which gave life to Illada. And also another sorts of magic flowers started to die, because the Creators left their world.

   The last leaving Liayates decided to let on Illada – in its part called Kenakarra – the only magic flower. The little shrub of the black rose. This little shrub was the one and only connection between the creatores and the world they created. This rose was also the hope, the world of Illada with its magic essence will go on. This Kennakara black rose should bloom once every 10 000 years.And though nobody could this shrub move away from the place, where the Liayates left it, the bloom, with its great magic power, could be plucked.

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