Friday 1 May 2015

Kickstarter Pre-Campaign Launch

Dear Fantasyans, Collectors and Miniature Painters

   Today we start the Official Pre-campaign of our project Battle Of  Rinian – 54mm diorama and vignettes for collectors.

   You, who may know almost nothing about this project, I highly recommend to visit the sites of this project:

   There you find basic information for now. During pre-campaign all news will be presented here and it will be published on relevant website of this particular project. Menu items for this project you can find right under the header in this page, above the main text of this blog.

   During next months  we will bring you many informations about this project, we will present you figures and another historical topics about the Battle of Rinian, world of Illada and about the Kickstarter campaign starting on October, 2015 and other project relevant curiosities. 

   We are going to show you our first figure next time. I tis going to be freshly presented elven paladin.  We are going to show you even a lot of interesting photos of this sculpt. Another figures will follow gradually and besides it you will take up with the promised orc king Rochs and figures for the King Brirthain’s  Defense and the Sor-ran’s Attack vignettes.  Every figure will be accompanied with many WIP photos. Spectacular diorama of the Battle of Rinian will be revealed in the end just to show you its best.

   The Kickstarter campaign starts in 5 months so there is plenty of time to introduce it to you. We will show you how pledges and add-ons are drafted. We will also fancy you bonus freebie figures divided into two groups.

- Pledge Freebie 

- Stretch Goals Freebie 

                        (detailed info coming soon). 

Welcome to another phase of our project and see you 

next time along with the  first sculpt.

Stay tuned:-)

         Daniela and Arkhareon team

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