Monday 19 January 2015

Historical Background of Illada

The life on Illada

The newly created beings inhabited most of the territory of Illada. But while the firstborn noble Elves, Farseas, Kworgs and Guiulthans grew into the light and they still loved their creators, another races created from the second generation of magic flowers, were less noble and much more unaffected.They did not want to meet their creators and they were fearing them a bit. That is why many Liayates were very disappointed. They were keen on those which were not created with some particular idea. And those, which were created with the most noble ideas, were standing deeply in the shadow of their firstborn brothers of noble races.They left their creators. They admired them as their gods, but they were afraid of their power.

And so only the firstborn noble brothers spent their lives near their creators and teachers. They were studying the magic flows of nature to be able to use all kinds of magic power given them by their creators knowledge. The most gifted were the Guiulthans and especially one of them – called Sornion. He was appointed as their nation leader. He was the most gifted and powerful one between all the noble beings.

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