Wednesday 26 November 2014

We are just beginning

   Today we launch the regular web traffic and even this production blog. We will be adding new information about the project Realms of Kenakarra Rose gradually. You won’t find there designs of our miniatures at once. Let us start by adding silhouettes of our first wave figures. When it’s done, we will show koncept sketch and  pictures of our figures – both its master and finished figure.

   Apart from this we will bring you first information about the Realms of Kenakarra Rose: Dark War miniature game. This game is about battles and adventures in the mystical world Illada. You will know how this world was created and tales from its ancient past.

   You will find details about our crowdfunding campaing here, too. We know almost every wargaming campaign can be found on Kickstarter. We do our best to run our campaign there but… you know, there is one big but… If you aren’t the US or British citizen, it’s very hard to have your campaign there. That’s why we don’t want to make any promises about it. You can believe if there is any way for Kenakarra Rose, you will find us there, Otherwise we use other platform more friendly for us.

   We hope you‘ll support us, our crowdfunding campaign (end of 2015 year) because we are sure our miniatures are great as well as the game. In the first wawe of our game You will meet many warring parties, ancient rivals who have been fighting each other long before the war broke out.

   We will bring you warriors and armies of these nations in the first vawe. Miniatures will be available in starter/advanced sets required for playing game or as sets containg only miniatures for those who don’t want to play our great game just to collect and paint our miniatures.

   Well, let us show you first four silhouettes of Syrogonian Elves.

   Elves are an ancient race. One of the four noble races in the Illada world. Long time ago elves were divided into three independent nations. Unfortunately elven race fell in their magnificence during centuries. Unlike other two elven nation, the Syrgonian Elves were the least affected, even so they are not they used to be and their grandeur is fading…(We will tell more about Syrgonian Elves next time.)

   More information coming soon...

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