Saturday 15 November 2014

Welcome to Arkhareon Miniatures production blog

      You can find everything about our project called ‚Realms of Kenakarra Rose‘ here. You can find how our miniatures are being made, preparation of our crowdfunding campaign and much more!

      November the 26th  is the date you will find first information about project here. After it we will bring you much more gradually – more WIP photos, artworks and backgrounds of our Kickstarter campaigns. First campaign (54mm vignette) will be launched in February 2015. Some essential information you can also find on our company website

      Well, you can find everything here. Not only basic information but there are going to be other useful details as well, e.g. preparing our crowdfunding campaign. The most important part of this blog is… is YOU! Any your comments, ideas and suggestions are highly welcomed and needed. In case you have any question, don’t hesitate to put any question. You can respond to any published post and/or you can send us your PM  ( It’s just up to you.

      We answer your questions as soon as possible. We believe you will join us and together we will explore exciting Realms of Kennarra Rose.  Don’t forget you are also going to win not only our free miniatures in competitions all around the internet on chosen blogs and internet forums. So don’t wait and let’s join the joyride together. We begin on November 26th, 2014.

      Best regards

            Arkhareon Team

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