Tuesday 24 November 2015

A small insight into the mysteries of the future...

         Greetings to all fantasyans

   We give you notice that it’s coming…

   Sorry for such a long ‘system breakdown’. It is quite a hard time, now, and we are certainly not able to proceed as quickly as we want and as it would have been needed. However, we manage to solve problems and we prepare the resumption of the project.All the competitors and all others who continue watching our blog please be patient.

   Yes, we are coming back and even though it's not a piece of cake for us, it's also very exciting. We work hard to competition vignette - will be not only competition vignette. It also will be the very first piece in our e-shop. We are also working on other new projects. That’s why you should keep waiting for Arkhareon’s full return.

   We ensure resumption of Arkhareon  project and it is really quite complex and challenging, but we also think it's the right time to let you peep into cuisine of our fantasy miniatures. So hold on your hats:)

   WIP article 'In the Storm of Fratricidal War' vignette

   The first article must be the promised one about the origin of vignette "In the storm of Fratricidal War". Look for it at the December.


Arkhareon’s e-shop follows. We have already mentioned it so there’s no need to add anything more.


Another innovation we are preparing is our Facebook page. You will find the latest news, especially about our work, some WIP pictures and also a lot of other original content there.

   Production blog

   Our production blog retains, too. It will be used namely as ‘a news section’ for our main web page Arkhareon-miniatures.com.

   You will be able to watch the news apart from summary information primarily from our world of the Black rose. New background stories will be posted there so you can spy into the world of our miniatures. These stories press you firmer with the past of our heroes and give you insight into their epic destinies. These heroes deeply influenced the Illada world during the times of the Great War for the Black Kenakarra rose. And ofcourse - sculpting WIP, Concepts and many more.

   New 54mm minis

   Our miniatures will be gradually growing in our e-shop. You will meet not only miniatures you have already known from our WIPs (the Vignette /competition/, the Astarnain, Fateful combat, etc,) but you will also find there even brand new miniatures which are ‘under construction’. You will find them there soon.

   'Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat'  dio

   At this point we have to announce that our large diorama of the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terrat does no come out for now. You don’t miss it – it would be silly no to use already sculpted miniatures -  but we have new plans with it. So you have to wait for its release. 

   New 32mm minis

   Well, this is not all. We are going to start production of our 32mm figures. They are going to be namely famous characters, leaders and rulers. They will be fully usable in our future game but they will be also shipped with both game base and scenic base. Let us, again, show you tiny tasting of a silhoutte of one of our 32mm figures.

   Anrinion, the Master of Golden Fountain – Sÿrgorian Elf

   The new arrangement of our web pages

   As we have promised, we are preparing new layout of our site . These changes concerned mainly the domain Arkhareon-miniatures.com. Our other site - blog realms-of-kenakarra-rose.com - will not change because it will remain as the only platform for news. However, all relevant information, stories and photos from will be moved from the blog to the main page arkhareon-miniatures.com where they will be clearly sorted into categories. Graphic form will remain the same.

   ‚Arkhareon Warlords‘ club

   We are starting off a club for our future customers. Everyone who will buy our miniature via our e-shop becomes a member of this club. The membership runs for one year since you buy your first miniature and it will be automatically extended when you buy any other miniature. So if you shop regularly at least once a year, your membership will be eternal.  Outside the 5% discount for each additional purchase we are preparing even more benefits for members of our club, e.g. gold membership with exclusive benefits. More detailed information about our Arkhareon club Warlords will be brought within the  December.

   Next Year  -  KICKSTARTER ?????

   Yes, it seems we have managed to claw the way to the Kickstarter platform. We note that for this new campaign we are preparing a brand new miniatures (!) and different concept than the one we used in our Indiegogo campaign. The only miniature you could have already known from the concept-art, and we are preparing for our KS campaign, is the vignette Elrainia strikes. However beyond it you also meet with brand new miniatures in, and (keep your eye for it), in 54mm and 32mm scale.

   We cannot tell you the date for now. It’s because we want to prepare everything thoroughly and present finished, painted and prepared miniatures for production on Kickstarter. Thus it also shorten delivery times and become more friendly for those of you who decide to support us.

It all for today. Please be patient. We still work really hard with maximum effort in order to start our production as soon as it is possible (and - by the way - also sent vignettes to the winners as soon as possible). We also must restore activity on our domains (see above). We thank all of you who are returning to our site and we hope our refreshed concept will grip you so we will meet you not only upon our website but also through our miniatures.

         Have a nice day!

              Daniela and the A-team :)


  1. Wow great update, watching eagerly

    1. Thanks. We will continue to try and get back as soon as possible. But do not to rush things. Quality comes first.

  2. Great, to read something from you! I'll wait for more news. And you're right, the quality should prime on everything.

    1. Thanks Francois:). Have a nice day everyone. D.