Tuesday 18 August 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Last Chapter - 8

   Eventually, after many battles, the coalition defeated and caused the greed army of the Guiulthans to escape. Sorok cursed his nation, because he was not able to forgive his soldiers their escape from the fight.
The Guiulthans were called the noble race and due to this grandeur they were able to resist the curse of Sorok ´s black magic partially. But this curse was very strong and powerful.

   From this moment the bodies of the Guiulthans and everything they used, they were dressed, their homes in which they lived, all the animals, on which they rode, all these things became slowly the subject of decomposition. They changed themselves and they became the Undead from Guiulth, the servants of darkness and decomposition.

   When the Sorok ´s army ran away from the fight, he stood alone and surrounded by the greatest Priests of the noble ones. The terrible fight began and everybody could see and feel the great power of Sorok. At the end Sorok was defeated and he was killed during this terrible fight. But something terrible started with his death. His soul was completely connected with the dark flows of magic he has created by himself. And these flows were strong very much. At the moment when his soul was divided into pieces, the world has changed. The world was divided too. At the moment of Sorok ´s death the parallel world was created – the dark and horrible empire of Bhrangstarm.When the winners got the magic stone Argdar again (Sornion got it from the king of the Kworgs - Abration), the Elves, Farseas and the Kworgs honoured the Paegdthyn and they destroyed the second flower of the Kenakarra rose, that flowered a few months after dark sorcerer Sorok ´s death.

   The contradictions have been forgotten for a while after this terrible experience. Everybody could not believe, that one of the most powerful and talented pupil of the Creators, one of the noble beings, changed himself so much and stood a very bad, cruel and dark being. The new king of the Kworgs Gareental was given by the stone to save it and protect it again and the three Masters reaffirmed the old oath again.
But this period of calm did not last long. The decline of the noble races continued. Only the Farseas did not change themselves at all. The world fell slowly into chaos. New kingdoms were founded on the ruins of the conquered territories, the war alternated between war, poverty, hunger and diseases plagued many previously rich empires.

   Illada fell deeper and deeper into darkness.

   And then, after 10 000 years, the time of the third Kenakarra rose came. And nobody new, that the next war for getting this rose, will be much more terrible and much more dark and longer, than the war that the dark magus Sorok unleashed.


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