Thursday 13 August 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 7

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The War for Magic Stones  Begins

   The powerful army of the Guiulthans was conquering new territories and the greatest war was getting closer and closer. It was their war with the left noble races which continued to decline from the first magic flower destruction, with the exception of the Farseas. The Elves divided themselves into three nations and sometimes they fought among themselves too. The largest nation of the Kworgs suffered from the terrible internecine war conflict between two powerful clans. But this war ended by a stalemate. The group, which provoked this war, has gone to the west of Illada to create its own empire there. Later, they were called the Dark Kworgs, because they had the same dark souls as the Guiulthans and so they became the nation of warriors.

   When the time of the second Kenakarra Rose came, the dark army of the Guiulthans arrived their own empire called Nangarrat, to destroy the noble races and to get this way three magic stones to open the power of the Black Rose. As the first one the Guiulthans attacked the empire of the Kworgs and in the Battle of On-Litien Niad (Shining Waterfalls) they defeated them. Sorok killed their Master Abration and he took from him one of the three magic stones with the power to open the Black Rose might..

   The Elves, the rest of the Kworgs (with a few exceptions of the western Dark Kworgs), the Farseas and another races have formed the coalition, although they had between each other fundamental contradictions.
The terrible war conflict, that Illada has not known yet, began. Later, it was called as the War for the Magic Stones.
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