Friday 14 August 2015

Drive Up Pre-Campaign

Dear Fantasyans

   Welcome at the start of our drive up pre-campaign. Because we wrote a lot and because a picture goes for a thousand words, we present you now  Battle of Irrnion-Sol Terrat vignette WIP with all freebies figures (except the only secret one for now :-)).

   Keep in mind that this is still just a WIP. It is necessary to finish many parts and details.

   And the tuning of it comes now. 

   Details of Kworg’s armor decorations,  their weapons, bharngstarmian armor texture and other details will be added over the next three weeks and one week (approx) before start of the IGG campaign the vignette - actually already diorama – will be introduced in its full state.  It will be in a new full array, higher resolution photos and, of course, including its 360° videos.
I still have not mentioned the base that will be created in two versions - simpler one for the basic edition and much more complex and epic version of the base for collectible and limited edition.

   You remember, simultaneously we are preparing other figures for our competition and . The first WIP you will see soon.

   Because there is still huge piece of work ahead, I repeat (!) -  it may happen that some posts during the pre-campaign will be swapped. We ask for your understanding and tolerance. We thank you in advance for it.

   So go ahead heroes of Illada - The adventure continues !!!

                      Daniela and Arkhareon team


  1. Wow...lovely. I really like the Kwongs, the standarbearer is great.

    1. Thanks a lot. But that's just the beginning.:-)