Thursday 25 June 2015

Important Announcement

      Dear Fantasyans

   I come to you with a very, very, unpleasant news of that caused me to be still in shock.

   Unfortunately we have to cancel the current campaign on Kickstarter for reasons beyond our control.


   To access Kickstarter (Kickstarter isn’t still available in every country), we used the services of Bridgestarter, as we mentioned during our pre-campaign (link here). However, two days ago we received a message from Bridgestar with additional condition changes. It was evocated with the Kickstarter rules. Unfortunately, we haven’t understood the report correctly till this morning. After multiple exchanging emails with Bridgestarter, we fully understand the implications of the message.

   According to original conditions we had - when Bridgestarter gather funding from Pledgers - receive arranged amount of money collected on Kickstarter so we could have used the money to produce Rewards and to start the project. Well, conditions have changed and now we got some money from Kickstarter only AFTER we have produced rewards and delivered it to all pledgers.

   You sure understand that this is not simply possible. We wanted to run our campaign on KS precisely because KS is here to help people to start their cool projects. That is the main sense of crowdfunding – other people support projects they think are useful.

   From morning We tried to find or invent an acceptable alternative, but we failed .

   I want to make it clear - I do not blame the Bridgestarter company. Change of conditions is official as can be seen on their site. However, for us, this condition is unacceptable. We need money from the Kickstarter campaign just to start the production and launch the project. New conditions may pay off for companies that take Kickstarter as a pre-sale platform and they have their own strong economic base. Well it is not our case because we want bring you something new.


   We will try to gain access to KS another way, but – unfortunately - it looks like we will have to run the project on Indiegogo. This is less popular platform. We'll need much more time for promotion, and we want to finish all the bonus pieces, too. We want to be as ready as we can be before we go on Indiegoo. And as the holidays begin, it would not be wise to start the campaign in these times.
Therefore the Indiegogo campaign will start probably sometime in the mid-September. Let us strive to know all the possibilities we have. Very soon, no later than next Monday, we will bring you more specified information.

   We apologize for all the occured troubles. This delay is not really caused by us and we are still in shock ourselves. We put everything into this project. We still believe in it and honestly ask all of you who we have managed to attract with it to persevere and help us..

   If we caused anyone troubles, we apologize very hereby. We will do our best to work it up to a successful end, and we thank all of you who have supported us and who come here. Thank you.

   Please, stay with us.

                Daniela and Arkhareon Team

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