Sunday 24 May 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Run of Kickstarter Campaign

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

   Our Kickstarter campaign is getting closer so it is the right time to bring you some more detailed information about the campaign itself.

   Thanks to the Bridgestarter company can gain access to Kickstarter all individuals and companies who are from countries where Kickstarter is not supported, yet. Thanks to it there are many Kickstarter projects that would have not had the opportunity to be presented on this platform otherwise. Therefore we decided to use this option as well.

   We are starting a firm in Canada. It will enlist the entire campaign and it will enable us to finance our project through Kickstarter. Our Czech company is then a production unit that will ensure the production of all rewards and ensuring their delivery.

   The campaign will be started on 25th (corrected) June 2015.

   The duration of the campaign is set for 20-25 days in advance (still to be specified).

   We prepared three pledges for you:

      The Leader

      The Beast Rider

      The Vignette Bundle


   There will be many freebies available within the campaign.

      There will be one figure free for every pledger! If you choose our Bundle Pledge, you will be entitled one more figure!

                         Freebie for all pledgers and for Bundle Pledge

      As stretch goals there will be another freebies – figures and alternative / additional parts for figures.

                          Stretch goals freebie figure

      More Add-ons figures are fit to be offered among stretch goals.

                         (coming soon)

   Information on prices will be presented on 31st May.

   The Vignette Bundle will be available as Early Birds (limited number of discount items)

      Stay tuned for more information….

             Daniela and Arkhareon Team

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