Monday 29 June 2015

The project Continues

   Good evening everybody (or the part of the day during which you sit down to read this report)

   Last week was ended with uncomfortable days. Uncomfortable for us, but certainly also for those of you who were expecting the launch of our campaign on Kickstarter, which hasn’t come at all. I do not go back to the reasons we have already explained exhaustively on Thursday. Let’s loose what it was, and let’s jump immediately into the future.

   I must say Kickstarter is really unavailable now for us. Definitively. Well, some options were discovered by us, but – unfortunately - the terms of such options are not acceptable.

   That’s why we decided to move our project to Indiegogo. We know some hard-core Kickstarter supporters may not like such step but we will do our best to convince them of it. Well, there is a lot of you will certainly like so do not miss the bus :-)

   To receive space for boosted campaign, better promotion and also to avoid time of summer holidays (this is not a very appropriate time for any crowdfunding campaign at all), we adjusted the most likely launch of the campaign of our Indiegogo campaign on September 14, 2015
This give us two-and-a-half months not only to complete the project but even to improve it fundamentally. It also allow us to bring other important aspects with a high added value into our pre-campaign.

   So what are our plans for next two-and-a-half months and for the campaign itself?

   New Benefits

   1. Upgrade of vignette

   Mainly we decided to perk up our vignette even far beyond the original design.

   2. Sculpting of Stretch Goals
   Before the campaign starts we will finish all five bonus freebie figures, including the three designed as Stretch goals. All eventual contributors will gain their opportunity to see and evaluate real models, which will be fought in the stretch goals. We also will try to sculpt some of the alternative / complementary parts for SG at least.These are stretch goals that were originally meant to be sculpted only after they would have been unlocked.

   3. New Freebie and Add-on

   We will bring two more 54mm figures. For those of you who are interested in the historical background of the Battle of Irrnon Sol-Terre I name in that the figures are not included in the vignette but both have a close connection with this glorious and tragic battle where noble Kworg forces (allied with Elves) were destroyed by their brothers, Dark Kworgs and dark legions of the parallel Bharngstarm empire (for more information on the historical background click here). One of these figures will be available from the beginning of the campaign as an add-on. The second one will enrich the range of freebies intended only for Vignette Bundle Reward (known as Perk now - we have to get use to the new terminology). This figure will be Indiegogo Exclusive Only and will be available immediately after basic objective of the campaign will be reached. Both figures are truly great and epic and will be available with great scenic base. We will bring you more info and silhouettes, concepts and WIP photos so there is a lot to look forward to.


   We have already considered to arrange a competition for some of our figures. Now we decided to brush off this idea. There will be two competitions prepared. They will (of course) relate to our project. 

   First of them will be a three-round competition for only one winner who will receive all the figures successfully funded in our campaign – that means the basic vignette, freebies and all stretch goals, freebies and all unlocked add-ons (IMPORTANT: the prize will be available ONLY IF the campaign is successful!).

   The second contest will be a one round contest. There will be five winners. Each of them will receive one add-on figure (one of those two newly added). This figure will be casted as an short-run benchmark. These prizes will be sent regardless of the result of the campaign when the project is being completed and perks are sent to supporters (Contributors). In the event of failure of the campaign prizes will be sent at the time of campaign closure.

We will bring you more information soon.

   We are preparing even some more, little surprises, for you, so stay with us and keep on watching of our pre-campaign.

We will meet only sporadically in this week.

Thursday, July 2   08:00 PM CET    Faertenien photos
Saturday, July 4    08:00 PM CET    Beast rider photos

We are going to prepare a plan for an extended pre-campaign, presentation materials and other necessaries. We will be back again in full force by the beginning of next week, Monday 08:00 PM CET

May the the Liaytes (creators of the Illada world) force be with you and we are looking forward to meetings filled with clash of arms, clamour of warriors and horrific roar of Bharngstarm beasts.

Welcome to the resumption of the pre-campaign of the project Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat.

       Daniela and Arkhareon team

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