Thursday 4 June 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 1 (Battle Background Article)

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The Battle of Rosteyhirn – Inconspicuous Beginning of the War

   In the beginning of the year 1239 – according to the Alberian calendar (the year 10002 according to the noble races calendar counted since the second Kenakarra Rose destruction) – the war alliance of the Grokthars, Soranians and another empires under the leadership of Master Sor-ran (more informations about the Soranian empire you can follow here) defeated the alliance of the Elves of Sÿrfgonia, the Kworgs and their allies at Rosteyhirn and Sor-ran became the king of the empire of Grokthars. He turned the dead Master of the Grokthars on the throne, who fell in this battle.The Groktarians wanted Sor – ran to be their new king. Those days he was a very powerful and respected ruler and due to the defeat of the famous silver army of the Nothern Elves of Sÿrgonia he became more and more powerful and respected in all these empires. Many independent empires were afraid of Sor – ran and his powerful army.

Next Chapter : The Red Coalition Founding

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