Sunday 14 June 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 4 (Battle Background Article)

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Sor – ran and his Offer

   Sor-ran sent his legation to the Dark Kworgs to become his allies. But he had one special condition. The Dark Kworgs, during next months, should not participate on any war actions without his consent. He wanted to destroy Argerra, the Kworgian empire and member of the new alliance of another Kworgs, Alberians a Farseas. Argerra was a member of this alliance only a few weeks those days. Sor – ran ´s army was such terrible and lethal, that it should bring the victory to the Dark Kworgs. It was obvious, that these powerful dark legions are not of Illada origin, but they came from some foreign world. And these terrible warriors, so macabre, durable and invincible, should become the allies of the Dark Kworgs.

Next Chapter : The Secret Pact

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