Tuesday 19 May 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 2

The Last of the Creators Leaves

   The last of all the Liayates – called Abiiniarei – talked to the Masters of four noble races – the Elves, the Kworgs, the Guiulthans and the Farseas, before he left the world of Illada. He talked to them about the great magic power of Kennakara black rose and he warned them against any abuse of this magic power. 

   He decided to appoint four Masters to protect the world of Illada and Kenakarra rose. He gave them three magic stones – three keys. Each of them was able to control the power of magical black rose flower. They were also given by power of destruction, so they could destroy this black rose flower. The creator saw the shadows coming into the hearts of some noble beings, but he knew they were the only ones, who could gave hope and future to his world. Sornion, the Master of the Guiulthans, was very disappointed because he did not acquire the title of Master of the world of Illada and Kenakarra rose. But he accepted the will of his creator. He was the most talented pupil of the Liayates and they loved him very much. He tried to convince the last creator not to leave his world. But he was not successful. Abiiniarei left their world too and he appointed those four noble Masters to protect the world.

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