Wednesday 22 April 2015

New (Last) Vignette Teaser

Today the time came.

We will introduce next Teaser - Battle of  Abdursalla.

But first, sharper view of the known silhouette - Battle of Rosteyhirn (first article here)

   Since May 1st 2015 starts  official pre-campaign of our project . Since this day we introduce to you one figurine each second or third day (Rochs the Great as the first). We will bring you complete detail informations about the Kickstarter campaign together with its final starting date. 

   Until this time we are going to bring you lots of interesting informations.

   In our first Kickstarter Campaign will bring you a large diorama of the Battle of Rinian and three small vignettes.

   Silhouettes of two of them  you already know - "Rochs The Great" and "Sor-ran the Cruel" (Battle of Rosteyhirn).

   Here is the third and final vignette.

"King Brirthain’s  defense"
Battle of Abdursalla

   This vignette brings Brirthain, the King of Krobarosan dwarfs, which were the Orcs allies in the battle of Rinian. Their king did not participate in this battle personally. This vignette shows another battle during the Great war when the Krobarosan dwarfs with their king fought against the Gildethyans - battle of Abdursalla (more info about this battle coming soon).

It starts getting a little rusty ...

Comes the great things ...

Stay tuned!

Daniela and Arkhareon team

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