Friday 16 January 2015

The Battle of Rinian

   As the first one we are bringing you 54mm vignette which shows clash between the Queen of the Aro-Obeliad Elves and Grashar, leader of the Orcs on Rchatt beast.

   But this project is not the only one we are going to bring you during our first Crowdfunding campaign. We are preparing another wonderful miniatures and we believe that everyone can enjoy them.


This diorama shows clash between Elvish Queen Nighar and Grashar - great Orcs general, leader of army (after the king Rochs death). Grashar rides Rchatt – the big mountains beast. During stretch goals we could put more figures to our game – f. eg. the Soranians, Orcs, Dwarfs or Elves fighters.

The Battle of Rinian 

In the third month of the war for Kenakarra Rose in front of the Rinian mountains, small rocky mountains on the territory of Aro-Obeliad Elves empire, great battle took its place. The Orcs, Krobarosian dwarfs and Soranian elite warriors were defeated Elves.

And next time: The Battle Participants I

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