Wednesday 7 January 2015

Our first miniatures

Siege of Agrianor

   As you have already seen on this blog, we are working on awesome 54mm diorama  The Siege of Agrianor - clash of Arnakesh barbarian king and his guardsmen with Guiulthan undead master and his warriors.

   This diorama is truly magnificent and requires fastidious preparation. You can watch the work flow here, on this blog. Originally we had planned to place it as our first project. Finally we decided not to rush and give maximal attention to its production and create it in the highest possible quality.

   We will bring you another WIP updated photos of Guiulthan mage  tomorrow. 

   We are also preparing another miniature from this diorama for you. Its WIP photo wil be brought to you soon. So stay tuned.

Battle of Rinian

   We have also prepared for you another - but smaller - 54mm project that comes up first. For us it will be some kind of a test how your interest in miniature world Kenakarra rose looks like. Though it is a quite small vignette, it is a spectacular one.

   This is a scene from the the Battle of Rinian. The army of Aro-Obeliad Elves (known also as the Blood Elves) joined in battle with the united armies of the Mountain Orcs, the Krobarosian dwarves and the elite warriors  of Soranian Empire.

   Soon we will bring you its silhouette form. Later , in almost no time, we will bring you information about the historical background of this battle. We will also bring you WIP photo of sculpting pieces of the scene.

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