Monday 5 January 2015

Historical Background of Illada

Second Creation Time

    The Creators loved their new children and they wanted to receive another ones. Created a large world and they wanted to settle it by their own creatures. Another flowers had its own existence and they were not able to give any new life and create any new entities. It kept on a long time and there were no changes with flowers, so the Liayates started to create again. It was the time of wonderful and powerful creation and the Creators created many sorts of flowers. Many new beings were born this way, but nobody of them – the second generation children of magic flowers - was full of such a light and noble like the first ones.

   The world was settled by new entities. People, The Dwarfs,The Brakhs, The Grokthars, The Silds, The Khabrags, The Ukhls and many others. And also another creatures called animals.

   And next time – Life on Illada

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