Friday 8 January 2016

New Sculptor's Blog

Dear Fantasyans

   If you are interested in other projects of our sculptor Borek, you can watch his blog. You can find there both his older and brand new works.

   Link to his blog you can find under this text and also in the left column right under the link to the Arkareon's main website.


  1. When your website or blog goes live for the first time, it is exciting. That is until you realize no one but you and your. John Abery

    1. Hi John

      I do not quite understand, sorry.

      As for the realization of the figures, many of my figurines have already been commercially realized, but only within a small local company and only as painted toy soldiers. We are also preparing high quality production, but we have not started yet.

      As for Arkhareon, Believe us, this situation is quite complicated for us. We're still working on the project, but for now we can not make any real results. Every time it seems that it is going to happen, something very bad will happen, absolutely destroying our plans. Even now we are working with a certain paradigm, but we do not publish anything for sure. Only when we have everything ready (which will surely take quite a long time) will we again revive the project.

      I personally feel very sorry about it, and I hope it will improve. I deal with basic personal life problems, and despite this I try to work hard every day of the week. Hopefully, it will be worthwhile.

      Thank you for your comment and wish the beautiful rest of the year and the best of next year :)

      Cheers Borek

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