Tuesday 6 October 2015

Indiegogo Campaing Canceled + Astarnain Video WIP

      Dear Fantasyans

   We are sorry for the pause. The problems which we have forced and have had to deal with during last days are solved. It is unfortunately clear we are not able to succeed in this campaign. That’s why we decided to canceled it. It's just a formal act because of the IGG does not allow any cancelling. We will no longer update this campaign and so we ask any potential applicants to stop contributing.

   The project does not end at all. However continuing to this campaign would run us out needlessly. It is necessary to concentrate on other things. It is crucial to sustain the project. We will try to gradually produce figures above all and offer them in our coming e-shop. We try to ensure stable and continuous production at least on a small capacity. At first we prepare the casting of our vignette ‘In the Storm of Fratricidal War’ which will be sent to the winners of the competition and then it becomes the very first product of our e-shop. Soon we will also introduce our Arkhareon club for customers of our e-shop and acquaint you with its advantages.

   We will also redo our Arkhareon website in the coming weeks. This will be much more transparent and this blog (our blog) will become a real blog and the source of news. You will find all essential information, photos, stories and products just on company's website of the Arkhareon miniatures.

We will also continue with posting WIP updates of our figures on our blog and other forums. You can expect all the promised photos and videos of finished figures, WIP article and other things including brand new stuff, too.

   Finally, we are preparing a new campaign, but it will be conceived differently. We will, however, tell you about that next time.

   Thanks to everyone who spread our campaign and posted links and widgets to those who followed the campaign. Especially we would like to express our thanks to the one and only contributor for his following and loyalty. Thank you F.

   Have a nice day

          Daniela and A-team :)


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