Thursday 3 September 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Followers Banners

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

This is the two hundredth anniversary  blog post. I know, not much compared to others, but for us it's a great. Thanks to all those who are returning :-)

Hi All Fantasyans

   We bring several banners for those of you who wants to help spread the word about our campaign today.

   Do you like our prejct?

   Do you want our campaign to be successful?

   Do you want our figures with conveniently Indiegogo price?

   Is in your interest to as much people as possible to know about our campaign in that case.

   Please help us! You can use these banners to link them to your news, site, forum, etc..



   Banners will be upgraded gradually. After the start of the campaign we give you banners for supporters, avatars, etc.. It's up to you how you use them.

   Thank you in advance for your help. We have put plenty of work into this project and we believe to will find not only supporters among you but also the circulators about our upcoming campaign.

   Herald and stay tuned. Thank you!

         Daniela and the A-team

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