Thursday 24 September 2015

A Few Words and New WIP

Hello everyone.

We are working hard. We finishing main vignette and as you can see on WIPs, we are working on additional Add-on figures too. In the second half of next week we will bring you small restart of this Campaign – the finished wignette, promised videos of each finished figure plus an extensive photo gallery for each figure. You can also look forward to a lot other details, including the promised ‘WIP article’ about sculpting the 'In the Storm of Fratricidal War' vignette. This article is already being translated.

So the second half of next week will be a key moment in this crowdfunding battle. We are working very hard and we hope our work will not be wasted. Come and help us to bring our project to life :)

By then we will still meet you on the pages of our campaigns and elsewhere in the WIP updates.

Stay with us and look at the new WIP:-)


Daniela and the A-team

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