Sunday 30 August 2015

Drive Up Indiegogo Pre-Campaign - Limited Edition Perk (Reward) Description

       Limited Edition Perk  Description

   Let us introduce you the contents of the luxury ‘Limited Edition Perk (LEP)’. This luxury edition is available only during the Indiegogo campaign so this is therefore the Indiegogo Exclusive Only. Some pieces of this edition may later appear in some other editions in the future but some are completely unique and available only just in this LEP. So don’t miss yours!

       Limited Edition Perk  contains the same things as  Collector's Edition Perk (contents description here)


no-limited  pieces of this edition

+ Mapp of Ilada
+ "Elrainia Strikes" vignette
+ Expanded vignette base (the ruins of an ancient fortress -  epic version)

Limited pieces of this edition (Indiegogo Exclusive only)

+ Exclusive collectors box with seal
+ Limited edition signed certificate
+ Secret spectacular 54 mm  figure - Concept art unveiling in our  IGG campaign.
+ Next (alternative) framed bas-relief  inscription with the vignette "Irrnon-Sol Terrat"  name
+ Annual exclusive "gold"  membership of "Arkhareon Warlords" Club (15% discount in our e-shop, many advantages, sometimes miniatures only for the club members-more info about our club coming soon)

Limited - 20 pcs

More information coming soon

Stay Tuned :-)

    Daniela and the A-team

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