Friday 24 July 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 6

 New Name and Gruesome Transformation

   Sornion changed himself in the dark sorcerer and he was given a great power. Maybe, his power was the strongest one of all in the whole Illada and his race was changed by their Master ´s evil too and they followed Sornion. He started to grow the unearthly crooked magic flowers and from these flowers the crooked races of the orcs, leviathans and another beasts were born and served Sornion ´s army. He changed his name and from this moment his faithful followers called him Sorok (their Master).

   When the time of the second Kenakarra rose came, Sorok was the most powerful one of all the beings of Illada. He was given very strong magic abilities, but all these abilities were changed and deformed by the darkness in his soul. Earlier, there has been only one magic flow of Illada, but Sorok has changed the essence of the world by his evil. And this way the dark flows separated from the Magic Flow of Illada and Sorok attempted to subdue them. But he was not successful. Still, there was some obstacle and he could not achieve his goals – to become the real Master of the dark flows of his own magic. That is why he started to delve deeper and deeper to the dark flows examination and in his fortress dungeon in Nangarrat he created something to help him to achieve his goals – to be given by the dark power completely.Nobody of his faithful followers knew what should it be, that could help him to overcome the last obstacles to subdue the dark power. But when he came out of his dungeon, he looked like Sorok, but he was already somebody else.

   Somebody terrible.

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