Monday 6 July 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - What's next?

Dear Fantasyans

   Today we are continuing our pre-campaign again. We have done some changes and we hope you will appreciate them in the second part of our extended pre-campaign.

   Firstly we would like to repeat the basic information.

The launch of our campaign is determined on 14th September 2015 on the Indiegogo portal.

   Until our campaign launch we will meet together here and on some forums too to share some posts and projects photos.

   During the first month – it means from now until 5th August 2015 - we will bring you our updates every third day.

   The photos of Faerentien and the Beast Rider, published last week in the last posts, were for now the last ones, you could see. The next photos will show you the complete and finished vignette. We will introduce you this vignette on 6th August 2015. Until this time we will bring you WIP sculpting bonus freebie figurines and complementary/alternative freebie parts, but you can expect also another informations connected with the Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat and our campaign on the IGG.

   On 6th August 2015 we will introduce you the complete basic vignette and we will publish the preview of our IGG campaign. We will appreciate all your ideas, suggestions and comments to our campaign. If it will be possible, we will try to accept them and use the interesting and doable ideas and suggestions. And we will try to implement them, if it will be possible.
   From 6th August 2015 until our campaign launch we will meet together with the updates every day. We will bring you lots of news every day. We will inform you about both of our competitions details and we will bring you the concepts of the promised new figures and their WIP and many other things too.

So - keep going on!

Stay tuned

    Daniela and Aerkhareon team

Next Post - Thursday, July 9 - 
Kworg Standard bearer - Hornist  WIP

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