Wednesday 15 July 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat Pre-campaign - Battle of Irrnon Sol Terrat - Chapter 7 (Battle Background Article # 10 )

Limarrain Goes to Help

   The Kworgs of Argerra sent twenty thousand warriors army to help Alberia too. They left only Dusk Army in the country. This army was at about ten thousand warriors group, that had a very important task – to protect Argerra from the invasion of the Dark Kworgs. King Limarrain originally wanted to take the Dusk Army to Agrianor with him too. The Dark Kworgs let about themselves for a long time know, but finally he figured, that the Dark Kworgs could také an advantage of this situation and try to attack the country, when it is without any protection. So the Dusk Army stood to protect Argerra and the King came to help the Alberian empire. It was on the 6th day of the fourth month Elnia (6th March), a day after that, when the dark sorcerer Aganork laid siege to the city of Agrianor.

   King Limarrain was right, when he feared that the Dark Kworgs could be able to take an advantage of the absence of this King and his army to the attack. But he did not know, what is hidden in the shadows. He did not know, that the dusk of his empire is so close. The Kworgs of Argerra were on the top of their existence. Although the great races fell down in their magnificence, the Kworgs of Argerra stood the noble race the same way as the Farseas. And yet the upcoming events brought the steep fall of the gracious empire of Argerra.

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