Tuesday 23 June 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 5

Fall of Sornion's Soul

   Sornion and his folk deplored the destruction of the rose very much. But the worst of all was for them the moment, when the Elves, the Kworgs and the Farseas wrote the Paegdthyn, without the participation of the Guiulthans and their Master. Sornion was very angry. And that was the beginning of the split between him and another noble races Masters. Another Masters did not believe him and they did not allow him to guard one of the magic stones, so the Guiulthans separated themselves from another races. They left their land and came to their new seat in the dark mountains of Nangarrat.

   Since the first Kenakarra rose destruction Sornion changed himself terribly. After leaving of his land and coming to the Nangarrat he delved to the dark depths of his own soul and he decided to get the power of the next Kenakarra rose, which should bloom in next ten thousand years. In the course of the next thousands years he studied the magic of Illada. He delved deep into the its streams and his power gradually grew. But his intentions were evil and his soul became more and more dark. And together with Sornion declined his noble race too. The Guiulthans created a great fortified empire in the mountains, but their souls were full of darkness and anger of their Master.

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