Tuesday 2 June 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 4

The Covenant

   The Elves, the Kworgs and the Farseas wrote the  Paegdthyn, something like a covenant. In this arrangement  they were committed to protect the Kenakarra rose against all the aggressors and they promised to destroy each new flower to protect its power against the misuse. The three magical stones were given to those, who were the most active in the process of  destruction of the magical flower. They had one task -  to protect them against misuse. 

   Niethyn -  Master of the Elves, should take care about the stone called Hyndar, red  mandagnit. This stone could open the way to the living sap of the Kenakarra rose. 
   Abration, Master of the Kworgs, took care about Argdar, white malgadin, which closed the rose flower to concentrate its power not to get away from the rose bud. 

   Afraantan – Master of the Farseas, should take care about  Semyar- the stone with the greatest power of all these stones – the dark green angamen, given by a special power – together with another two stones could open the  mind and the soul of the beings which would like to gain the rose power and give them the energy to do it. Or - in another case -  to concentrate this power to destroy the flower.

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