Tuesday 26 May 2015

War for Kenakarra Rose Historical Background - Causes of the War - Chapter 3

First Kenakarra Rose is Destroyed

   When the first rose bloomed, the power of the Farseas did not change – they still had their great power, but the light in the souls of the Elves, the Kworgs and the Guiulthans too ,was less and less bright. The Masters of noble races understood very well  the danger of the magical flower power – if it would own the one and only being – despite of  their grandeur. In addition to Sornion. He desired to control the Kenakarra rose power for a long time.

   Since the mages of  the Guiulthans the first flower of the black rose forewarned, he desired to have the great power of it. He tried to convince another Masters to pluck the flower and to make his power awaken. But Afraantan, the Master of  the Farseas and the greatest Illada authority, did not agree at all and Sornion did not convince him. The Elves, the Kworgs and the Farseas decided to destroy this flower. Sornion did not agree with them, so he was not present for this ritual. The first Kenakarra rose flower was destroyed.

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