Wednesday 13 May 2015

Battle of Irrnon-Sol Terrat - Kickstarter Introduction

Do you want to know content of the pre-campaign? Look at the list of posts that awaits you.

      Our idea

   With our brand  - Arkhareon Miniatures -  comes a new project of fantasy miniatures now. We are preparing for you  54mm vignettes and dioramas for collectors and for the end of year 2016 also the 32mm tabletop game.  Our fantastic world is meant as a realistic fantasy. We want to respect the real form of armor, arms and clothes too.We would like to create the believable world with the georgeous and wonderful fantasy aspects.

      The Story
   The great war begins.

   War for Kenakarra Rose, powerful magic flower, who gives a great-almost  endless- power.  The war that will divide the world into the two irreconcilable powers soon. The Red alliance (partnership of nations fighting for freedom and peace in the world of Illada and the Armies of seven dark lords  in the service of  mysterious entity comming to the world of  Illada from dark, demonic and  deformed parallel empire of  Bharngstarm.  

      The Kickstarter Campaign Term

   Our campaign will start June 25 th(corrected), 2015 

      Miniatures in  Campaign

   During our campaign we will bring you The Irrnon-Sol Terrat battle 54mm vignette consisting of two mounted figures: 

Faertenien, Kworgs army leader, general of the "Dusk" army (on his armored horse)

Bharngstarm "Kroochgrap" (light cavalry) on the beast

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