Wednesday 4 March 2015

Why Kickstarter ?

  To realize such a great project like this (54mm collectors dioramas and 32mm game too) is unpossible for us. We can make sculpts, prepare production and all that it means, but we are not able to finance the real production.  It is very risky to realize this project only by ourselves without being sure we will be able to finance the production. These are the reasons why we decided to finance this project by crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.  Realms of Kenakarra Rose, this is a great and expensive project and we know that without our friends, players, collectors and fans support it will not be possible to realize it.

   But on the other hand we know it is a very interesting project and it would be a shame to let it be. It is also some test of your interest in this project. If our campaign will be successful, it would be a great support for our work and we could be sure our work has a sense and figures collectors, players and painters are really interested in it. This way we will be able to prepare the first 54 mm diorama and we can continue to work on our tabletop game with 32mm figures for next time.

   Please, enjoy our project story with us on our blog and we will make you sure our figures are the best ones for you.

   In April we will open all preliminary materials to Kickstarter campaign to the public on these our website and Production blog and also another informations if it will be possible. One month before start of the campaign you will be able to study all its parts, to think what pledge you will choose , ask us for what you would like to know or write us your opinion.

Stay tuned and please help us spread the word about our project.

Thanks to all

   Daniela and Arkhareon team

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