Monday 23 February 2015

Timetable for the Kickstarter campaigns

   Greetings to all our visitors. We present an updated version of our time schedule and other information.

   We decided to postpone the Kickstarter campaign of 54mm diorama Battle of Rinian till the end October. The main reason of it is preparation of more detailed campaign, finishing of all the models, composing of graphic elements of the campaign, and so on.

   Another decision we have made, may irritate you a bit, but we decided to strain you regarding the diorama of the Battle of Rinian. Because its sculpting goes really well, we decided to publish only finished diorama. Well, if you like WIP pictures, you will not be deprived of them! We will publish WIP photos on our blog and on selected forums after we reveal you the finished diorama.

   You certainly don’t lose regular WIP photographs mapping genesis of large-scale diorama portraying an episode of the Siege of Agrianor. Not only the Guiulthan mage and the Guiulthan Master on his Kersanta will be finished soon. We are going to start sculpting another miniatures for this diorama. You can look forward to the earlier mentioned king of Arnakesh Barbarians.

The 32mm Game

   The 32mm tabletop game will be probably moved up to the year 2016. Well, it is necessary to pay a huge amount of work of it. We are going to prepare many insights into its preparation for you. To get enough means for developing the game, our priority is to work on the 54mm dioramas, now.

Kickstarter Launch  -  end of October, 2015

   The 54mm basic diorama bundle contains 8 figures including Orc rider on a beast and a  horse rider.

   You will be able to choose the entire diorama (basic diorama bundle) for an advantaged value or any of five individual parts of the diorama.
   Massive portfolio of complementary / alternative parts  will be  available free within Stretch goals.

   Three expansion  sets  for this diorama  (each consisting of two or three figures) will be also available within stretch goals.  These sets will be offered for specified price as Add-ons. For those of you who choose to buy basic diorama bundle, these additional figures will be for free.
   Within Stretch Goals there will be offered another ones. The  three-figure  vignettes  depicting Orc King and his wearriors, Dwarf king with standard bearer and enemy, and  Sor-ran vs. two enemies(more about this characters  and the Battle of Rinian you will be gradually learnt on our blog).

   Well, eventually there will be available the last two extension figures intended only as a free bonus for those of you who would chose the basic diorama. This figures will be Kickstarter Exclusive only.

Kickstarter Launch  -  ?

   The 54mm basic diorama bundle contains 30 miniatures including the Master of Undead on Karsanta and one horse rider. There are 17 fallen warriors of total 30 figures.

   You will be able to choose either the entire diorama (basic diorama bundle) for a special amount, or any individual part of seven parts of the diorama.
   Massive portfolio of complementary / alternative parts  will be available free within Stretch goals.

   Several two-figures and multi-figures sets expanding the diorama will be available within stretch goals. These sets offer a specified price as Add-ons but for those of you who choose the basic diorama bundle, these additional pieces are for free.

   There will be offered another two-figure and three-figure vignettes within Stretch Goals. These vignettes are only available as Add-ons. 

   Well (last but not least), there will be three more expansion figures available only as a free bonus for those of you who choose to buy the basic diorama bundle of Siege of Agrianor  and will be a Kickstarter Exclusive.

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