Friday 27 February 2015

Historical Background of Illada


   Illada (the translation from ancient noble races language it means "Fountain of Life") world was full of many varieties of life, but the Creators were not happy. The first generation of entities – four noble races brought them only joy and happiness, the second generation had no noble light inside. And it was sad to see how many races are changing into bad and selfish individuals with no sence for interests of their nations and communities.

   Many Creators went away from world of Illada. And when also The Elves started to be selfish, most of the Liyaates left the world of Illada created by themselves, took away their real bodies and went to their brothers to another existence form. As an old tale tells, there were some of them who stood in the world of Illada. But they stopped to meet their children. They changed their own life form, so their children could not see and feel them. This story says that they are still existing here, they know what is happening in the world of Illada, but they will hit only in the case of the highest need – at a pinch.

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