Wednesday 14 January 2015

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   Realms of Kenakarra Rose: The War game is being developed as a multi game playable in three independent levels.

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Board Game

This is a game for 1-4 players (singleplayer and multiplayer). Total number of miniatures is limited. Game is played on a gaming board and it is a tactical game with some elements known from classis science fiction and fantasy tabletop and miniatures games.

Skirmish game

This is a classic strategic and tactical skyrmish game designed for 1-2 players(singleplayer and multiplayer). Rules are adapted for a simplified game with limited number of miniatures. This game is fully reflecting wargame-like playing containing RPG elements with limited number of miniatures.

Battle War Game

Battle War Game is a fully strategic and tactical battle wargame with RPG elements designed for two players / two sides of the conflict. Each player commands one side regardless how many races has joined it.

If there are more players, every player is a general for one race. This is the highest level and you can create a very realistic background and relations between the rivals (especially in multiplayer) and creates very unique and real situations on the battlefield. There are common character cards, game cards and tokens for this kind of battle. There are common character cards, game cards and tokens for this kind of battle. Beside them there are special accessories available to reach more realistic RPG.

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