Tuesday 9 December 2014

Creation of Illada

   Illada - the magic world where our story takes place - was born a long long time ago from the real needs of Liayates. They had great power to move and fly through the space without real bodies. They did not depend on time as people, so it is very hard to talk exactly about some time periods of their existence. But we know that after a long long time they wanted to live some different life.Their souls wanted to know and to feel something new and different what they did not know yet. So they started to create new worlds due to their great magic power. Firstly their worlds were similar to abstract works of delirious artists, but later they created worlds similar to our human reality. Their works were beautiful and its forms were wonderful. And later when they wanted to be the members of the real world they created their own bodies to be able to move through their worlds and to feel everything that belongs to body existence.

   That was the beginning. The Liayates created lots of worlds, but each of these worlds had no own life. These worlds were beautiful and wonderful, but they were sterile and dead. In the end they created completly different world. Some Liayates created here real life. Magic and powerful flowers.

   These flowers were given by Liayates life energy – the source of all magic as it was called much more later. These gigantic flowers were real organisms full of life.And the whole world looked like one giant garden soon. Magic flowers were full of life and the Liayates were able to talk with them, to enjoy their feelings and they were very happy to see how they grew.

 And next time – Life from the Magic Flowers

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